School Lodges & Chapters

Essex Freemasonry has something to offer to everyone.
Some lodges specialise in particular hobbies or interests. Here are some of Essex's Specialist Lodges & Chapters

Old Parkonians Lodge

The Old Parkonians are the past and present Students and Staff of the Ilford County High School, founded 1901, as the Park Higher Grade School.

Old Southendian Lodge

The Old Southendian Lodge was consecrated at the Masonic Hall in Southend High Street on February 25th, 1933.

Old Westcliffian Lodge

Well renowned for being the ‘Premier Old Boys Lodge’ of Southend. The Old Westcliffian Lodge membership comprises of a surprisingly diverse age range.


Old Chelmsfordian Lodge

The Old Chelmsfordian Lodge was the idea of W Bro G W Baker, who, in 1934, was the acting Head of King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford.

Old Palmerians Lodge

At the Old Palmerians Lodge, former pupils and staff of the school, plus other members from the local area, unite through the brotherhood of Freemasonry.

Old Libertian Lodge

An Essex Lodge for Members of Old Libertian

Old Loughtonians Lodge

In 1953 a number of members thought it would be desirable to form a Masonic Lodge and on the 29th January 1954 the Lodge was formed and consecrated

Old Esthameians Lodge

Consecrated on 7th March 1960, sponsored by members of the East Ham Grammar School for Boys with a close relationship with The Old Esthameians Society which began in the 1930’s